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If you are to accommodate two of your kids in a single room bunk beds are always the first choice. There are many different options present in bunk beds, out of which metal bunk bed is one popular type.

Advantages of Bunk Beds Made From Metal

Bunk beds that have metal frames are known as metal bunk beds.  Metal beds are low costing as compared to wooden bunk beds and because of this quality, this bunk lies in the affordable range of many. Also metal bunks are lighter in weight and can be assembled and disassembled very easily. Moving of this kind of bed is also easy as compared to wooden bunk beds which are heavy and moving them is a hectic job. Another advantage of a metal bunk bed is that it is strong and long lasting. It does not lose its shape easily even in high pressure and so it is considered as a sound investment in a kids bedroom.

metal-bunk-beds-400x352 Metal bunk bed idea

Amazing metal bunk bed with stairway – Check it out.

Disadvantages of Metal Bunk Beds

Along with all these advantages, metal bunk beds also contain some disadvantages, one of them being the lack of stability. Metal bunk bed’s joints are not as stable as compared to wooden bunk beds as the joints easily began to quiver and a regular check and tightening of the joints is a necessary requirement. Specially in the cases where kids are required to use it regular check of the joints is essential, as the weak joints of metal beds may collapse even easier as the bed may have to survive the rigorous punishment that the kids provide due to there playful activities. So to avoid any such misfortunate accident, a regular check is necessary. Another disadvantage is that metal tends to get cold easily and so the option of buying a metal bunk bed in cold areas may not prove to be a good one.

durable-metal-bunk-bed-736x525 Strong and safe bunk bed made of metal

Varieties of Metal Bunk Beds

There are a variety of bunk beds present in the market from which you can choose the one that suits you. Twin bunk beds are available to accommodate more people in a limited area. There are bunks available that are of the same size and are also available in detachable varieties. These bunk beds can also be used separately by detaching, so that if your kids tire out on using the bunk beds you can always use it as two separate beds. Also some metal beds have a wider lower bed and a smaller upper bunk, so you can also accommodate kids of different sizes on these bunk beds.

twin-over-full-metal-bunk-bed-100x100 Modern bunk bed design

The large and small sizes of bunk beds are a good choice if your kids have a big age difference, as bunks can be adjusted to your requirements. There are also some bunks that have an upper bunk only, and the lower portion can be effectively used for storage of toys or other kids stuff. Also a desk is sometimes placed beneath the upper bunk and so two items can be accommodated in place of one, bunk beds with a study table beneath are known as loft beds. Futon bunks are bunks with an upper bunk bed and a sofa beneath, which is good for sleepovers.

So with all these choices and the affordability factor, metal bunk beds can be a good choice for all.

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