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There are different rooms that make a home complete family place. Every room has a name that shows its purpose, the living room the bedroom, the kitchen, bathroom and others. All these rooms are made for a specific purpose.

These are basic rooms that are mostly present in every house but some people like to do different things in life. Such people add new things in their home like they may have their home bar.  In this way they can enjoy preparing their alcoholic drinks and favorite cocktail at their own place.

Bar For Your Home

A bar is a special place for sitting down and relaxing while you can enjoy your drinks. The image of a small corner with high stools, a counter, drinks and wines as well as goblets comes to the mind when you hear the word bar.

Classic home bar design Classic home bar design

When it comes to design selection of a home bar the homeowners have many options. There is a vast variety of material choices to blend with the rest of the theme and decor. Both the polished wood and the painted style are used widely and mostly in commercial settings like in sports bars and in restaurants.

In some bars you can find the additional feature of the bar foot railing that keeps your feet comfortable. Those who visit to the bars frequently may have idea about the discomfort they feel when they sit on a high stool. In order to overcome such issue the foot railing can be used.


It is quite easy to install this bar railing even in your small home bar. The rail serves two purposes it adds charm to the structure and it is functional too. You can select any material like brass, stainless steel, the wood and aluminum.

It is not necessary to have big home bars. If the space in your home does not allow you to build a home bar then you can opt for portable bar.

As you can easily move portable bar so it is quite convenient option as it can go with you no matter where you want relax to have a sip of your favorite drinks. Even you can enjoy your drinks in your backyard if you have portable bar.

In case of table type bar you can also find some styles with a raised front portion and its sides are foldable so that you can easily fold it and store it in a corner of your home. When you select this style then you can save space and it is the best option for small homes.


It solely depends on your choice; if you want you can opt for custom made portable bar. These days you can also find such styles on the market that include a drawer in which you can keep glasses also a cabinet for storing the drinks. The size of these portable table bars is no doubt very small but it still has a foot long bar foot railings. For keeping your table bar firm when you prepare your cocktail drinks and wine there are rubber casters.

Now you can imagine that even a too small house can accommodate a home bar so don’t worry about a size of your house.

4 Popular Types of Home Bar Design

When it comes to building or installing a home bar then there are two basic ways either you do-it-yourself or you can get custom made home bar too with table and bar stools that usually comes in 4 kinds.

There are four most popular home bar designs. Here we are sharing info about it.

1) Straight type bar

The best place for this kind of bar in a home is the room’s end in which its length is almost the same as the room’s width. In order to keep the bottles, glasses and drinks there is space under the counter table. At least three bar stools can be placed in one row.


2) Back bar

Imagine a bookshelf and you will understand the style of back bar. A back bar is a type of bar that is divided into three parts. The first part is very much like a straight bar in which there is storage at the bottom and a counter. The second or the mid part is usually open. The third part is on the upper side of the counter for storing bottles of drinks bottles and its shutters either made of wood or glass. The idea is to display the drinks.


3) L type wet bar

One can instantly imagine this type of bar because the name clearly says all about it i.e. this bar is in L shape. There is a fix built-in sink on the short side of its L for using it as a washing space.


4) Corner bar

The corner bar comprises of a small cabinet for storing the drinks. This type of bar is mostly opted by those who cannot have much space. Due to the problem of space in case of corner bar the utilization of storage space is proper i.e. there are top and bottom cabinets.

Home corner bar

There are more things to consider when building a home bar apart from considering the bar tables like color schemes, finishes and lighting as all these are essential for creating a mood. In addition if you plan to place a refrigerator then make sure you have proper supply of electricity and this must be included in the planning part.

You can choose any style but proper planning is essential in building it as a result you can make it a fantastic experience to build a home bar.

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