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When it comes to purchasing closet organizers, hanging closet organizer is a very helpful option as not only it helps in utilizing space but it is also available in different colors and varieties so that you can choose from the many, one that fits in your closet and compliments it too.

Organizing With Hanging Closet System

After you have decided on the hanging closet organizer you are to purchase and brought it home, you need to use it in a manner so that your stuff is stored in an organized way and everything is accessible whenever you require it.

hanging-closet-organizer Organizing with hanging closet organizer

You can store different items according to these methods:

– By using pockets
– By dividing in heavy and light items
– By keeping similar things together
– By higher and lower placing
– By requirement or need
– By labeling
– By visibility
– By color
– For kids

If the organizer you chose contains pockets you can store many different items in it. You can decide on what to place in every pocket and a lot of your small belongings can be accommodated in them. There can be around twenty pockets in some of the organizers and the only thing you are to watch out for is not to place too tiny objects such as jewelry in a narrow pocket.

ikea-organizer Organizer from IKEA

Normally pockets are made to store lighter items such as ties, socks, scarves etc. For heavier items other stronger organizers are available where heavy things can be stored.

You can collect all the things that are same, for example all your scarves and place them in a pocket, so that they are easily accessible.

You can also use these hanging closet organizers by placing the similar items in different pockets next to each other. So the next time you know that socks are stored next to scarves and hankies can be found next to ties.

lowes-closet-system Lowes closet system

Also things can be placed according to use. The frequently used items can be placed on the lower pockets so that they are easily reachable and the less used items can be stored at the top where access is not so easy.

If your hanging organizer contains many pockets, you can always label the pockets to remember what is placed in which pocket, because it can be quite annoying to search all the twenty pockets for a single item you are searching.

canvas-organizers Canvas closet organizers

You can also opt for a see through organizer so that you can easily check on what is present in which pocket and you do not have to go through the pain of searching items.

Nowadays hanging organizers are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. You can opt for a funky, jazzy style that suits the theme of the room. You can have different colored organizers for different items or different closets too.

hula-hanging-closet-organizer Hanging closet organizer from HULA

Since there is a large variety present, children take more interest in things that are colorful and appeal them more and they too participate in organizing there stuff which is very important and should be started at an early age.

So out of the many choices you can opt for the perfect one for you and use it effectively too. The next time you open your closet you are going to experience a non cluttered, neat closet which is the result of a properly used closet organizer.

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