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Drab and boring looking doors don’t have to be boring forever. They can be decorated and turned into a preppy or funky looking one through the use of French door curtains. Decorating doors with French door curtains are pleasing to the eye and also control the amount of light entering the room. Other than beautifying your house curtains on doors are used for beneficial purposes also. French curtains embellish your door and are available in various designs from which you can choose your favorite.

A huge demand for French door curtains in the market has given rise to the availability of a variety of styles, fashions and designs for curtain lovers. Manufacturers are offering newer designs and patterns in a wide range of colors to give a formal or casual look to doors. Before heading to shop for the curtains, take accurate measurements of your door to avoid buying curtains of the wrong size. You don’t want your curtains to look too small nor would you like them dangling beyond the height of your door.

french-door-curtains Decorate with French door curtains

French door Curtains

Usually French door curtains are white in color, so they cause the reflection of the heat while still permitting gentle breeze to come into the room. You should try to harmonize the color of the curtain with the collective look and ambience of your house. You could go for either paneled or plane curtains for the door as they both look lovely. Add style, panache and elegance to your home having these kinds of draperies on the doors.

Rod-pockets are featured on French door curtains to be found at both ends, in a way that the pane can be hopped on nearer to the window, raising graphical attraction and supporting the panel to stay in place. Use tie-backs to give an ornamental touch and to draw attention towards the window at the same time admit lighter. Use two rods at both, the top and the bottom ends. A semi-transparent piece of cloth, like a sheers or a muslin, can be used along with a curtain made of soft material. Hang the curtains using two different rods at both ends to give a crease-free look. Make sure that the elegance of the drapes you chose should complement the theme tune of the rest of the room.

french-door-curtain-style A different style

The finest manner to mount these draperies to the French doors in your house is to set curtain rods at the high-end and the underneath of the window frame glass area to connect the curtains to your door at both places. You just have to form a pocket underneath the hangings in a way that they can slip into the rods. If you choose to use a rod underneath the window panes, fit the brackets about half inch underneath the extremity of the window pane area and similar size as the panes. Ensure that you set all brackets correctly by using a level.

Crumpling the lace firmly over the rod gives an exquisite look, at the same time lets you get a sense of privacy for you. A thicker fabric with fewer wrinkling also works well, as well. To create a crease-free look, assign the pane with both, the top and the bottom rods. After that fit some standard grommet curtains on the forward-facing rod, and some sheer eyelet hangings on the back rod. You could also use an extended curtain gat so that the drapes can be dragged from the hinges when opening. This is for the purpose to avoid the drapes from any damage.

Another French door curtain is fixed to the wall higher up your French doors and stretch along the space between the two. You can open these curtains to allow the light to enter your room or draw them to deliver privacy when it’s required. In the recent times, French door curtains are manufactured in newer styles with a variety of designs to go along with the fitting of window panes at the doors.

Tips for Shopping

The first tip is: identify the dimension of your door. You should remember to measure the width as well as the height of your door. This will save you from underestimating or overestimating the dimensions of your door curtains, and in turn you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of otherwise spending the extra money, which would be a complete waste. Accurate knowledge of the dimensions will give you the right idea about which pattern will suit your doors best.


Keep in mind the interior décor of your room. This is an important step as you need to harmonize both the doors and door curtains with the collective design of your room. The design consists of the existing furniture as well as the upholstery employed in the room. These types of door curtains are usually white in color, so they reflect the heat while still permitting light to come into the room. You should remember to synchronize the curtain with the colors additionally collective look of the house.

Next thing to consider about your curtains is the fabric. Think practically when it comes to selecting the curtain’s fabric. Some factors that you should consider are the washable of the curtains and its price. Thick fabrics are usually more expensive than thinner fabrics. Also washing a thicker fabric is cumbersome and because of this, requires more effort to clean than the thinner one which is easy to wash. This means you will have to fork out more for every visit to the dry cleaners for thicker fabric curtains. Furthermore, thin fabrics are will make it easy for you to take it off and place back on your doors, unlike the thick ones.

The most important tip that you need to know is to do the shopping for curtains on your own. Check out some stores to make sure you get what you are buying. Buying them online could save you time, energy and money but the problem is that you can’t touch the fabric of the curtain and this has the risk of you buying something not what you wanted. It could be a complete mismatch for your interiors. Alternatively, you can ask the on-line stores to send you sample tries of the fabric before you buy them. In addition to that ask for money-back guarantees, whether you are buying them from a store or on-line.

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