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Living in a temporary rental place does not mean you can’t change its look at all. It’s not necessary to knock down walls and remodel but changes can be made by being creative with the home decor.

Get a theme for your apartment

Mostly look of apartments lack charm. Instead of using boring wall colors like white or beige but this can be fixed with little creativity. When it comes to home décor of an apartment then as per my opinion Photography is quite effective. This is because a focal point is needed and the view is actually not great, in order to set the mood we like to utilize Landscape Photography. Mount a large beautiful photograph of a beach scene, nature scene or city landscape in the middle of the living room can change the look of your apartment from a normal home into your dream destination. All you need is to choose an amazing photo of a luscious landscape that is full of color can add life to your apartment. There are endless possibilities.



It is usually not possible to paint the walls when your apartment is living in a rental apartment, so you need to add colors in other parts. You can use colors in window treatments like in the form of curtains and if you need more interior design home improvement ideas, do a check online. If you cannot spend much on buying new furniture then can simply color the couch with colored fabrics. Make sure that the choice of colors compliment with the rest of décor like curtain, table etc.

Use of Photographs is always great as it makes it easy to match and compliment the cityscape or landscape scene to existing accessories. You can easily find a painting that can coordinate well with your existing décor. The 3 panel triptych photo format is highly recommended too as it blends nicely with the room. Choose a nice three panels display that are frameless and same in size for softer look in the room for displaying your collection of photos and avoid adding large framed piece of art.


The biggest issue with those living in apartment is that apartments are usually small and size is something to be desired. As per my opinion, in small spaces you can add more decorative items in order to make it look warmer. Place your furniture wall art and decor items appropriately. Use complimentary colors so that your rooms look larger as well as elegant instead of adding clutter. In short, less is more so create a theme or a Focal Point – select your colors wisely.

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