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The bunk beds are quite interesting for parents and kids as they are versatile. You can find a wide variety of styles and colors for both boys and girls. The most common materials used for making these beds are wood or metal. There is a ladder on top beds and safety rails are included too. It is very important for the parent to be very careful when their kid sleeps in a top bunk bed. There is storage available underneath the bottom bed in some bunk beds like shelves, drawers etc. Such options are ideal for those space issues.

There are some key points that must be kept in mind while choosing the best bunk bed for your kids. The first thing is to be clear about what you need. You can ask for views of your kids, and think about different functions of such beds. The next thing is to know the available area for the bed for this you may need to measure carefully. And finally, the most important thing is the budget. The bunk beds can be costly too so search according to your budget.


Here is the list of most suitable type of bunk beds for kids:

1. Basic Bunks: Let’s start with the basic beds in which there are two beds, the upper and lower located one over the other. Usually twin mattresses are provided with it and majority of them can be separated in order to form two beds if you need two separate beds.


2. Futon Bunk Beds: It is a great idea to have futon bunk bed if the number of children is more. In case of this type of bunk bed there is a lofted bed placed over a futon. The twin size mattresses offered with this type of bunk bed but you can also find these in the form of full sized beds. A futon can serve many functions and purposes. Your boy can enjoy the mid-day nap on the top bunk bed while your girls can enjoy their favourite TV show on the couch. If your kids want to sleep then simply open your futon bunk beds and turn it to sleeping area or fold it up to make it a couch. It offers space that you want.

Futon bunk beds

3. L-shaped Bunks: This one is very much like the basic bunk but the only difference is in its sleeping space. The location of the lofted top bunk is adjacent to the bottom bunk at a right angle. The only issue with this bed is the requirement of too much floor space.

4. Basic Lofts: The best thing about basic lofts is that being a parent you will find it flexible especially when it comes to designing the room of your child. In case of basic lofts it is made of a full sized or twin or loft bed that is suspended over an area. You can make use of the unique style in multiple ways. The best feature of loft bed is that it can include storage space as well as a play area under the bed.

cool-bunk-beds basic-lofts

5. Junior Lofts: There is not much different between the basic loft design and junior lofts except that the junior lofts are quite lower to the floor. That’s why highly recommended for very young children. In some fun features are also added like tents or slides.

6. Novelty beds: This is a theme based bed. Idea for young children as they love these kinds of beds. You can choose car theme beds for boys while fair tale canopy for girls.

7. Study Lofts: If there is issue of space in your kid’s room then this one is ideal. What I like most about the study lofts that these can be placed in the corner and so your child may get lot of space for playing, and doing other different activities. This is perfect choice to provide study corner for your child that is durable as well as elegant.


8. Triple Bunk Bed: The parents of three or more children can opt for this type of bed. As a result it can be a great choice for sleepovers, extra seating as well as extra space for storage.

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