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Are you looking forward to buying a bunk bed? If so then there are lots of things to consider before you hastily bring in the most desirable bunk bed into your home. Before buying one, think carefully if it is really a necessity or you want it just because of its fancy looks. Find out if your children will love to have a bunk bed and if that will serve the purpose. Find out about the space and the budget and buy the one that really fits your bedroom and the pocket. To help you choose types of bunk beds available, here are a compiled list.


1. The Basic Bunk Beds: This type of bunk beds are the simplest which is just like putting one bed over the other and that can be dismounted as separate beds if needed. They come with twin mattresses.

2. The Futon Bunks: As the name suggests this is a bunk bed that is lofted over a futon. It can come with twin mattresses and can also be made into a full sized bed. It can be used as a multipurpose bed where one can find the comfort of a couch as well as another can take a cozy nap on top of the couch. This type of bunk beds are applicable in houses where there is a need to save some space or in large homes which needs open spaces for other activities.

3. The L-shaped Bunk Beds: Just a modification of the basic bunk bed and an addition of a lofted bunk that is on the top being placed at right angle to the bottom bunk. Although this requires a lot of space the design is unique and functional

4. The Basic Lofts: Lofts are great when you need floor space for other work or arrangement. The lofted bunk bed has a floating bed on top and free space underneath which can be used for play or study.

5. The Junior Lofts: If you find that your children might have difficulty climbing up a bed then you can opt for the Junior Lofts which is similar to the loft design but is much lower to the ground which makes it comfortable for young children. There are other bunk beds that have more attractive features like slides and tents.

6. Novelty beds: If a bunk bed is made based on a theme like a car, helicopter or a fairy tale type of look then it is the novelty bed. Some children might have preference for such types of beds.


7. Study Lofts: If the space is limited and you want to arrange things perfectly then a study loft is what you might prefer having. The study loft fits in one corner leaving ground space as well as corner space for other arrangement

8. The triple bunks: If you have a bunch of children who need bunk beds then triple bunk will be the best option. This also can be a good option when you frequently have guests with children for sleepovers or the extra space can be used as storage space.

With the available options there are a number of bunk beds that can be chosen from. It is good to research a little before buying one as room and space as well as preference of the child can be different with different household. As a rule of thumb—find out what your children want and you want then go for a budget analysis then decide on one that is just perfect for all so that you have a win win situation.

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