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Of all the different kinds of windows in the house, bay window treatments require that extra care and attention. These windows consist of three or more units that tilt out beyond the wall; mostly organized with a high center unit and two flanking units. They look attractive and charming for both insides as well as outside the house.

Bay Window Treatment Ideas

It requires a whole lot of attention while purchasing treatments for bay windows due to its architectural angles. Purchasing ready made treatments from a store may not be an excellent idea; one should rather get them customized. To begin with you must take accurate measurements of each window, before selecting your treatments, to get the right dimensions for the material needed. Even a difference of an inch could have a great impact on the functions of these treatments after placement.


Beautiful Bay Window Treatment Idea

Window treatments enhance the aesthetics of the window and the room. It, therefore, varies from decorating and covering the bay windows to even changing the window arrangement.

Choice of Curtains

Using sheers along with curtains for your bay or oriel window management would not only enhance the look of your window but also maintain privacy when the curtains are open and still the light is allowed to pass from all sides. Dual drape rods can allow the swings and curtains to hang together.  Sheers should be located on the external rod, nearer to the oriel, while curtains can be connected on the inward rod. You could use the drapes and shutters on the top and experiment with the appearance of an oriel style window management by casing and revealing the central and outer parts.



Choice of Blind

If you are searching for a simple way to treat a window, then you should go for blinds. Blinds give that perfect somber look to your bay windows.

The color of the blinds you pick is a key factor. It is preferable to select for either white or mild colors as they provide a better way to light up your room. It, furthermore, blinds will not compromise on your privacy. These come cheap and are easily available online and even in local shops. You will find a variety of blinds in the stores so you can take it easy before deciding to purchase.


Woven blinds for bay windows

Choosing the Window glass

You could use chic tainted glass canvases instead of plain glass window as a bay window treatment. These stained glass paintings could also be used in selected areas of the oriel window to give a fairy-like effect to your room.

The light passing through these colors will appear to be much charming in beautiful colors with the walls of your room excluding the requirement to drape an additional artwork.


Shades are also important

Another window treatment option for bay windows is shades. Shades provide you the alternative of enjoying the big bay window. Other window treatment methods may not give you this arrangement though. Shades will scatter the sun beam that enters inside your room into different directions.


Bamboo shades for the windows

It is best suggested going for lighter shades of colors or Roman shades. These types of shades that come in unique colors are commonly found in many homes that have bay windows.

Drapes can add a lot

Drapes can give you a strong and elegant style for your home. In case this is the type of decoration, you are looking for, drapes are the best.


Long drapes for that luxurious look

Drapes are the most aesthetic and sophisticated way to create a powerful appearance and also distinguished and dignified look for your bay window. There are a variety of textures, materials, colors and designs available from which you could choose. One should synchronize them with other decorations in the room.

Pay Attention to Shutters as Well

Another way to enhance the bay windows is with the use of shutters. These provide a very quintessential look for your room. If you are into classic interior style for your home, then shutters will do the best in providing you with just that.


White shutters

The space in your room plays an important role when installing shutters. It is always a good idea to go for a white shutter or a brown colored one. It is also important to remember that it should blend with other decorations in your room.

Shelves are also important

Mostly, bay windows have an inbuilt seat-like structure or shelves. These shelves or seats can also be utilized in a variety of ways. You could use it to store decorative flower plants. Sometimes the sitting capacity is big enough, in which case you could place cushions in various shapes and designs that match with the drapes or curtains. This could then become a perfectly pleasant area to read something during daylight and stargaze at night.


Add shelves/seats to enjoy the beautiful scenery

Occasionally, you could decorate these shelves of your bay windows in a different way. You could decorate these shelves by lighting scented candles and placing a bunch of red roses if you plan to spend a beautiful evening with your loved one. The arrangement will set the right mood and make the best use of the bay or oriel window. It should always be kept in mind that this kind of momentary bay or oriel window management should not be used on bay windows or oriels with flammable blinds or curtains or window coverings.

Other than some general bay window treatment solutions, an additional shelf or box valance can also be attached to the window. This will make it look more attractive. The distinctive sections of the windows can be decorated differently, producing a blend of chic and harmonizing colors and effects. For example, the side sections of the oriel windows can be covered with curtains, and the middle section of the bay window can be covered with horizontal wood blinds. A combination of different colors is suggested to be used to make the bay style window treatments appealing to the eyes.

Window treatments for bay windows cannot be done all by yourself as it is difficult to install and needs very accurate measurements. It is suggested to seek help of a professional designer for this task.

You can always give your suggestions and ideas to the professional designer who will then work according to your taste and requirements. You should always take your time because there is no point in making decisions in a haste.

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